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What inspired me to start my Handmade Business ?

Maranda's Hometown Candles started with my own personal desire as a mother, to create healthy and quality household and personal everyday essential products without the toxins or chemicals in most store bought products on the market.

I spent a lot of time in the beginning, making herbal salves, lip balms, and lotions. I also spent a lot of time researching the best and most effective ingredients that i felt safe using on and around myself and my family.

As my Natural DIY passion continued to grow i decided i wanted to make some homemade candles for personal use. At ths point i had no idea or desire to start a candle business.

After a few days of watching youtube videos and researching recipe blogs and articles i was shocked to learn that average storebought candles are actually made from parrafin wax that is derived from petroleum oil, and is Harmful and toxic to burn in your home, and thats only the beginning of the toxic chemicals that are found in a traditional paraffin candle.

I Learned that soy wax is an all natural and safe alternative that burns for 50% longer and never burns any black soot or toxic chemicals into the air, Doesnt require any chemical addatives, and is Renewable and Eco friendly! Better for your family and better for the planet!

I ran to hobby lobby to get some candle making supplies, and from this day on i found what i loved to do and i would never buy a store bought candle again.

Once i launched my candle business i recieved an incredible amount of love and support from my friends, family, and local comunity. This kept me going through the ups and downs i encountered while learning how to build my handmade inventory based business from the ground up.

Maranda's Hometown Candles provides quality products you can trust, from our family to yours. All of our products are carefully formulated with quality, natural ingredients, and hand made with love in Creswell, Oregon.

We like to keep our ingredient lists short and sweet so its easy for everyone to understand EXACTLY whats in them, because we understand how important it is to use products you can trust in your home and around your family.