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The importance of products you can trust.

When following my passion of creating my own product line, it took a lot of researching the right ingredients and formulas to use. I quickly learned that there are many big companies out there advertizing their products as "Natural" but when you dig in deeper to the ingredients.. they actually arent completely natural after all.. They often contain chemical preservatives, harmfull addatives, or un-natural wax blends.

This was worrysome to me as a new mother and wife who strives to use non toxic, and natural products in our home! And that is what inspired me to learn how to actually formulate NATURAL products without the preservatives, addatives, and harmful wax!

Maranda's Hometown Candles provides quality products you can trust, from our family to yours. All of our products are carefully formulated with quality, natural ingredients, and hand made with love in Creswell, Oregon.

We like to keep our ingredient lists short and sweet so its easy for everyone to understand EXACTLY whats in them, because we understand how important it is to use products you can trust in your home and around your family.