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Maranda's Hometown Candles

Solid Perfume Stick - Choose Your Scent - All Natural - Non Toxic

Solid Perfume Stick - Choose Your Scent - All Natural - Non Toxic

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Maranda's Hometown Candles Solid Perfume Sticks are a luxurious blend of nature's finest ingredients thoughtfully crafted for your olfactory pleasure. Handmade with care, this solid perfume stick features a harmonious blend of beeswax, mango butter, and shea butter, creating a uniquely nourishing and fragrant experience for your skin.

Our commitment to natural goodness extends to the careful hand-blending of non-toxic fragrances. Revel in the allure of long-lasting scents that accompany you throughout the day, transforming any moment into a sensorial delight.

Embrace eco-conscious luxury with our perfume stick's convenient and recyclable packaging. Ideal for travel or keeping in your purse or car, this eco-friendly choice aligns with your values while offering a touch of indulgence on the go.

Experience the simplicity of our push-up bottom tubes, ensuring an effortless and mess-free application. Just push up the bottom, and you're ready to apply the perfume directly to your pulse points. The ease of use, coupled with the delightful natural fragrance, makes Maranda's Hometown Candles Solid Perfume Stick a must-have accessory for those who appreciate quality, sustainability, and an enchanting scent.

Elevate your fragrance routine with a touch of nature – Maranda's Hometown Candles Solid Perfume Stick is more than just perfume; it's a sensorial journey crafted with care for you and the environment.


Sea Salt & Vanilla:  Deep Vanilla, Sandalwood, Sea salt, Agave, and Water Lilies 

Cashmere & Vanilla Musk:  Soft Powder,  Vanilla Musk, Jasmine, and Lilies 

Sandalwood & Amber:  Soft powder, Amber, Vanilla musk, Sandalwood, and Bergamot 

Sweet Orange Honeysuckle: True Floral Honeysuckle,  Jasmine, Vanilla Musk, and Sweet Orange 

Volcanic Essence: Tropical Fruits, Crisp Lemon, Lime, and Exotic Greens

Egyptian Musk: Lilly Bouquet, Juicy Apples, Floral Violet, Sandalwood, and Musk

Pineapple & Sage: Fresh Pineapple, Coconut, Fresh Herbs, Sage

Lilac & Lemon: Orange Leaves, Lilac, White Jasmine, and Sweet Lemon

Orange Blossom: Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Musk, Orange Blossom, Bergamot, and Neroli

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