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Winter Frost Scented Soy Wax Candle/Wax Melts

Winter Frost Scented Soy Wax Candle/Wax Melts

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Winter Frost is an enchanting fragrance that evokes the cozy pleasures of a winter's evening. It begins with a refreshing burst of invigorating fresh peppermint, awakening your senses with its cool, brisk aroma. As it unfolds, the scent transforms into a comforting, chocolatey vanilla accord that brings to mind a warm cup of peppermint hot cocoa. This fragrance is a delightful blend of chilly mint and sweet indulgence, a perfect olfactory representation of a winter's night by the fireside.

Candles are handpoured in small batches using 100% Eco-Friendly American Soy Wax.  Wax melts are handpoured in small batches with an all natural Soy wax/Beeswax blend for longer lasting and non toxic fragrance.
Never any additives or harsh chemicals.
Hand poured with love in Creswell, Oregon.

Candle info :

5 oz. single wick Bamboo Lid (25 hr Burn time)

10 oz. Double wick (60 hr Burn Time)

3 oz. 6 Cube wax melts (up to 7 days of fragrance)

Eco friendly and non toxic, clean burning candle. No black smoke!

Premium Non toxic fragrance oil with no harmful Phlalates.

All items are hand poured in small batches. Handmade in Oregon

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